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Why so many Women are confused when it comes to this Style Trend

Cropped, Capri or Aankle Grazers?

Have you Taken the time to look at What your Summer Wardrobe will be this year?
Cropped , Capri or Ankle Grazers, what to wear and How to wear it.

What is the difference between Cropped and Capri trousers?

Cropped trousers - These trousers are designed to hit you below mid-calf, where your lower leg begins to narrow

  • Cropped trousers should not end at mid-calf, which is the thickest part of your lower leg. This is the least flattering part of your leg’s profile and not what you want to emphasize.

So If you are shopping for Cropped trousers check where the hem stops.

Have a look at the Capri Trousers:
These are shorter in length and end just below the knee, Does anyone remember peddal-pushers? Yep they are just like that style.
They come in all different fabrics linen, chino, denim.

Ankle Grazers:
End just at your Ankle and you will get away with 1" to 2" above the ankle is a flattering look.

What shoes to wear with them?
I love a wedge Sandle / High -heel sandles or pumps,
Happy Shopping

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