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Why is it so difficult to buy a pair of jeans that fit?

Your Mini jeans guide.

· Denim Jeans

At least every woman I know owns a pair of jean, why? Because They are extremely versatile, they are fashionable pretty much go with everything and continue to trend for all shapes and sizes.

Designers have looked at jeans as the foundation of your wardrobe and a garment that every woman can have ' The Perfect Pair of Jeans'

So what makes up a "perfect pair of Jeans"?

First look at Style - Straight Leg, Bootcut, Skinny , Super Skinny ( if you dare!) High waist , mid-rise...

The Length that suits you and your shoes..., cropped, ankle grazer, Regular, Long Leg,

The Fabric Content is something to look at on the label of the Jeans. The elasticity percentage, can be from 2% - Not much stretch to 30% like a Jegging and the rest can be made up from polyester, cotton...

It is easy to feel bamboozled when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans so I have put together a mini solution list for you.

  • Give yourself the time to shop for them.. The "Pefect Pair " can you make you look and feel Amazing , so give it shopping time.
  • Grab as many different styles and ask for assistance in the shop.
  • Leg Length - Unfortunately each brand is different so selecting a regular inside leg the difference can be as much as 4" between brands.
  • Do the sit down test, How do they feel when you sit down and when you get back up is there alot of adjusting to be done?
  • If Jeans are a staple in your wardrobe bring your heels / flats with you when shopping.
  • I received great advice from a wonderful customer to wash your jeans at 30 degrees in cold water inside out to keep their colour and fabric in good nic.
  • Have to have them altered? Wait! - before you do, wash the denim at least twice,. Denim does shrink!
  • When you find the right Pair and Brand that your like but 2 , 3 or more and other colours too.

If you would like more shopping tips for your shape, join my styling class on 14th June at SCCUL enterprise centre Galway. Go can book your place here

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