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Weekend Break Away Packing Ideas.

A weekend break away coming up?.. Lucky You !

Some Easy itemsfor you to pack, feeling stylish and ready for all occasions.

This Wrap dress is from Phase-Eight and it is so Handy. Its one of those you can roll it up in a ball it will take up almost no space in your case.

The Knitted jumper so super light - Wear that over a cami or sleeveless t-shirt, its Super Versatile.

A light Summer belted Coat - It has a beautiful soft waterfall flow in the front, its lined and has a fabric called Lyocell= Wrinkle resistant, Yes please!

If you dont own a pair already, PIck up a pair of white trousers or denims. You will be so glas you did. They are so versatile and will work for smart day or eveningout.

Have a Lovely Break-Away

Claire x

Your Style Consultant

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