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Wedding Abroad, Where do you start?

For many of my clients, when the invitation come in the door "Your Invited"

The thought of shopping for it doesn't exactly fill them with desire.

What to wear , when do i start to look and how much will this cost me ????

It Pays to plan!


  • What is the weather like where you are going?
  • Are you a guest at the wedding
  • Wedding setting, Beach, hotel or restaurant in the mountains that you have to climb to? (yep really!)

shopping Plan:

Do what i call a bit of snoop shopping, If you have been to my classes you will know it is about fashion homework and getting some ideas.

If for example your wedding in in May / June / July - call into the shops to see what in stock and if you find what you want, Buy it Now because it is very likely the sizes will be gone.

Also check if the store has a personal shopper service available it could save you alot of time and

possibly have the full outfit ready to go for your trip!


If you are wearing a dress the handiest would be the fabric that you can roll up in a ball.

A few basic pieces can mix and match to create a weekend worth of outfits.

And lastly Enjoy!

Enjoy the occasion, Enjoy your outfit, because one thing I know when speaking with clients when you look and feel amazing so is everything else around you.

Claire x


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