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Set limits for yourself when shopping

You will Benefit Enormously!




Cyber Monday is reported to be 'The Biggest Online Shopping day in History'. It was reported that Amazon customers ordered 13million US Dollers worth of fashion items globally.

Online shopping is convenient, saves you time and you can buy items that you cannot source locally. However, it is also very easy to get caught up in the frenzy and find instead of the 3 items you had planned to shop for you now have 7 items in your shopping cart and its rising rapidly!


Stay on your online shopping and budget game and keep focused when a message like the one below pops up and distracts you....

Spend another €30 and you qualify for free shopping!

Your first thought is well, I have spent €100 so far whats another €30. Right? Stop and think, will this add to the Clutter ?

Take 30 seconds to ask yourself...

- Do I really need, Use or love it?

-Take a moment to check, "I might already have a bag just like that".

- Will I wear it and what will it work with in my wardrobe.

- What is the return policy, is it more hassle than its worth and do i have the time to do it.

Save your money and reduce the clutter in your wardrobe.

Stick to the list you have of items that you really do need, Use and Love! You will benefit enormously. So Hold onto your €30 and put it towards the night out or into your savings.

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Claire x

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