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Mother Nature is teaching us its time to get organised.

Time to pack away my favourite Gold Wedges

Time to pack away my Favourite Gold Wwedges
It is a beautiful morning here in Galway, the low sun is beaming bright through the trees you can see the Beautiful rich red, orange and brown colours of Autumn.
I love this time of year purely for the Colours that Mother Nature brings to us and also that is it a time to move into a new season, and get organized.
So in this post I want to talk about the challenges that I face when I have to organized my wardrobe and let go of the unnecessary.
Like my Gold Platform sandles.(Unnecessary for Autumn) I absoloutly love them and I never got to wear them this Summer, :( .... Packing them away with a heavy heart.
However, I have learned from the past that when I hold onto everything there is no room for Growth. You have to shift gears and realize that when you have an organized wardrobe you gain so much more....
Growth to gain more physical space. Growth to gain more energy, Growth to gain more time the list goes on and on..
When you declutter and clear that space in your wardrobe you automatically feel lighter, more organized and ready for the season ahead.

Be Beautiful, Be Confident and Be Stylish
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