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Meghan Markles Style will be worth a whopping €1 Billion to the Fashion Industry!

Definition of Regal
- of, relating to, or suitable for Royalty!

Watching the #RoyalWedding and listening to the fashion reports the phase "Regal Fashion" was repeated. I confess I had to google it, however it seems that Meghan Markle fashion and style is "Regal".

So why am i telling you this...
From the minute Meghan stepped out of the car and we all got a look at her Beautiful, Elegant and stylish Dress, Designers were pen and paper at the ready sketching and designing for the next "Meghan look" to hit the shops literally within a Week!

It is estimated that Meghans Style will bring an estimated €1billion to the fashion Industry. Not only from her wedding dress but from now on her style will be replicated in the shops. So when I read that her style was very "Regal" I breathed i sigh of relief!

I loved the colours mostly Yellows ( Amal Clooney!!) Pink, lime greens and Floral and the Box Pleat was very much on trend.
A beautiful wedding with Beautiful Fashion to feast our eyes on!.

Claire x

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