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Little Known ways to
Maintain your wardrobe
During The Summer Months.

It is the First of July and the Sun is out, woohoo!!

It is this time of the year to Open and Clean out your wardrobe and these few tips should make the process a little easier for you.
Clean out your wardrobe:

  • Open up your wardrobe
  • Take out all the Clothes and Shake them out.
  • Get rid of any wire hangers they are no good for hanging your clothes.
  • Once wardrobe is empty Give it a good wipe down and hoover.

Moths; Those pesky little things, I dont know if i'm just more aware because I have found myself looking in more wardrobes this year but are there more of them around?
If you have come across some moths fluttering around your wardrobe,

  • Add Lavendar, cedar wood balls or any Moth traps that are on the market now.

Top Tip!
Wash your wooley Jumpers.
This is Super important to keep your Garments Bug-Free.
We want a Moth free zone so Seal up any Wool Jumpers you have in a Vaccum packed bag or containers. The clothes have to be Dry and Airtight.

Be Prepared, Be Confident and Be Stylish
Claire x

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