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How to Style for Spring Without giving up your warm clothes.

Its officially spring and even though someday it can feel like a lucky dip bag out there, After a Cold wet Winter it is so nice to see the lighter Spring colours in the Stores.

For me When I hearIts Officially Spring” something goes off in my brain that almost instantly rejects any winter wools, Dark Clothes I have and reach for all lighter fabrics.

How Can I bring Spring Colours into my wardrobe when It’s still so Cold Outside?

Feel free to continue wearing your Winter Blacks, wools and winter boots in the spring if it’s cold and look to Mix in the Lighter Neutrals to your wardrobe.

JeansGo for the Lighter Blue shades

If your suit is a dark winter colour - Soften it with a spring colour camisole inside. Look out for Pearl Gray, blush pinks Taupe or Olive.

* You may have spotted yellow/ Lime Green Colours in the stores and it can seem a bit scarey to us pale freckled, Celtic skin tone but don’t reject it immediately. Give it a go with an olive green or black or charcoal.

Scarves – Chunky Woolly scarves look very winter-y, Try swapping for lighter cotton – rich scarf versions. They will still keep out the chill but Your allowing Spring into your wardrobe.

P.S. Got a friend, client or colleague who could use style tips. Pass this one along, it might give them that one tip that they hadn’t thought of that can have them Feel Different in their Outfit!

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