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Doubting Your Wardrobe Choices?...

These 3 Practical steps will help you on the path to your true style.

Hi ...

I'm curious have you ever experienced inner dialogue like this...
You: "Ooohhh I love that ____________ (top, dress, jacket, jumpsuit, Knee high Boots, etc...)
I really want to try that / them on!"
Also You: "What are you thinking , where will you wear that gorgous jumpsuit / or Super Stylish boots?, they are so Impractical"
  • They are too High
  • I'm too old to wear that
  • That is a very bright colour, it will draw attention to me.
  • I will stand out
  • No-one has ever seen me wear a dress before
  • I always wear black... it goes with everything!
Just like that you have shot down a chance to explore a new style or image that is true to you. and why? Because somewhere between life and social experience, we picked up certain "rules" of how we should or shouldn’t look.
Dont get in the habit of letting external opinions or criticism guide your decisions, you might struggle with self-doubt and strive to constantly choose the "perfect" outfit or go another way and Not bother with your style at all.
Here are my 3 practical steps to steer you into the path of your true style.
Take the time to find your style personality:
Flip through catalogues and magazines snipping pictures of things that resonate with you. Clothes that make your heart sing. Dont censor your choices and you will soon see a theme unfold.
Go to the brands that you thought were too young for you and try on the clothes:
This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the Brand and their style. Do you like the quality, the fabric, what could you wear this with?
And Lastly: Add accessories that are a little "out of the box" for you:
They dont have to cost a fortune but playing around with accessories can really add a punch to your outfit.
Your image can change the people and opportunities you attract.
Be Beautiful, Be Confident and Be Stylish
Warmest ,
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