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A guide to Clothing Alterations

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To Alter or not to Alter... That is the question?

It is Amazing what a simple , Nip, Tuck, Snap adjustment or Hem Length can Transform a garment to look like it was made for you!

However not all clothing can be altered. The Colour of the fabric may be gorgeous or it may have cost a fortune(I know that one a little too well!) The best thing to do is Send it off with love to the Charity shop to find a home where someone else will own it, wear it and love it.

The perfect opportunity to make room in your wardrobe for something you will wear. Yes Please!!

Here’s a rundown of when I think items are worth the time, trouble and expense of an alteration.

*Shortening LENGTHS
Sleeve lengths and garment lengths that need shortening are easy alterations when the items already have hems. The shortening alteration is more expensive when garments are lined. Knitwear, or items with finished borders can usually not be hemmed, but you might be able to alter the length from the top of the garment.

*Reducing WIDTHS
It’s easy to reduce the width on a garment in the torso, legs or sleeves when it has simple side seams and you’re not touching the waistband or armholes. Altering is trickier when side seams have detailing like piping, pockets, rushing or tuxedo stripes, but not impossible. Again, lined garments are more pricey to alter.

It’s a real pain when bottoms fall down or when waistbands move around the body because they’re too wide. The waistbands on pants and jeans are usually altered at the back. The waistbands on skirts are generally narrowed at the side seams, or darts are sewn into the garment.

It’s easy to adjust the position of a button to create a better fit, especially on jackets and coats. You can also narrow the cuff of a shirt sleeve or blouse by adjusting the position of the buttons.

Feel free to discuss your alterations experiences in the comments section. I’m happy to help you with your alterations challenges.

Claire x

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