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You Can Use
Style to
Feel Better


When you fall off the track your Style can be the first thing to go!


What do I mean by the Track?, Your MoJo, Your get up and go attitude, Your Job is great, your healthy and life is good. Your ‘Today is my day and I choose success… That kinda track.

You might get sick, You lose your Job, You have a Relationship breakdown or ____________ (Fill in the blank), Your Style is not the first thing you think of, I know Style is often written off as superficial and Yes you can live without it, but when you are ready, you can use style to feel better.

When you are on the road to recovery – Style is one of the easier things to “Pick back Up”

My start-Over!

After been out of work for a couple of years, I had certainly lost my MoJo I needed to get back on my Track.

Yes it was wonderful precious years being at home with my 2 small children that I am grateful for but One thing I have learned Being a stay at home mum, is the hardest Job of all.

I decided to go back to education and I completed a personal styling course. This was my start-Over!

I put into action what I learned about clothes and shopping and to be honest at first I felt like I was trudging into boutiques and stores that I had no clue about clothes or what they did for me.

I tried on clothes I had never tried on before - (really expensive ones too! ;) )

I Bought fashion magazines and I started to fall in love with fashion – Not the “I must have this in my wardrobe” More of the Hey; when I wear this outfit I feel ready for what the day has in store for me.

I understood how Clothes can change your mood.

*Here comes the psychology moment… Style doesn’t start with your Body , It all starts with your mind!

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Claire x

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